Breast Reconstruction

Tram Flap

The SIEA Flap breast reconstruction is similar to the DIEP Flap reconstruction technique in that the procedure uses skin and fatty tissue from the abdomen to replace the skin and soft tissue removed in a mastectomy. The advantage of this type of breast reconstruction over the DIEP Flap is that BOTH the Rectus Muscle and its overlying fascia are left untouched.

In some women, the superficial vessels of the abdominal fatty tissue provide the dominant source of blood flow to this region. In these cases, the SIEA vessels may be chosen as the blood supply for the borrowed tissue necessary for SIEA Flap breast reconstruction.

Because each patient and circumstance is different, and our specific expertise allows, we will make the decision about which procedure to use: DIEP Flap or SIEA Flap.

These surgeries have been the source of a higher self esteem and quality of life for several of our patients. The purpose of breast reconstruction is to allow our patients to feel and look how they have always wanted to. We work with all of our patients to discuss the pros and cons of breast reconstruction and which options are available for them.

Read what some of our former SIEA Flap breast reconstruction procedure patients have to say about their experience with us:

“I was amazed at how well my SIEA flap surgery turned out. The surgeons at Loren S. Schechter Plastic Surgery are miracle workers!” – Tara W.