Transmasculine Procedures

Overview: Metoidioplasty and Phalloplasty

This introduction provides a general overview of transmasculine gender confirmation surgery as performed by Loren S. Schechter, MD, FACS. Dr. Schechter is committed to providing the highest quality care of care to the transgendered individual and adheres to the standards of care as set forth by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Dr. Schechter strives to provide patient-centered care in a private and welcoming environment. Referrals and inquiries can be made by contacting Dr. Schechter at 847-967-5122.

Gender confirmation surgery is performed Weiss Memorial Hospital, located at 4646 North Marine Dr., Chicago, Illinois. At Weiss, Dr. Schechter is the Director of the Center for Gender Confirmation Surgery. To find out more about the center please visit .  At Weiss, the hospital staff is courteous, friendly, competent, and uniquely suited to the needs of transgendered individuals. Local housing for short stays both before and after surgery is available at The Hotel Orrington, located at 1710 Orrington Ave, Evanston, Illinois. Preferred rates have been arranged and will be coordinated by Dr. Schechter’s office.

The city is served by both O’Hare and Midway airports, and transportation by taxi can be coordinated through Dr. Schechter’s office. The flat rate for taxi service from O’Hare International Airport to the Orrington Hotel in Evanston is $66.00 round trip, $58.00 round trip from the Orrington Hotel to the hospital, and $20.00 round trip from the Orrington Hotel to our office in Morton grove (total: $144.00 plus tip). We recommend that you bring only necessities such as personal toiletries in a light carrying case. You will spend most of your time in bed, and hospital gowns will be provided. We also suggest that you bring dark, loose fitting clothing as there will be some tenderness, swelling, and discharge following surgery.

Requirements for surgery include two (2) psychiatric evaluations which specifically recommend gender confirmation surgery or specifically state that you are a good candidate for gender confirmation surgery. These evaluations must be performed by psychiatrists, psychologists, or therapists who are recognized, licensed workers in the gender or sex-oriented field. One of the evaluations must be performed by a professional who possesses either an M.D. or Ph.D. degree. The second letter may be from a licensed clinical social worker or a masters’ level therapist. All letters will be confirmed, and we recommend that you do not call to schedule surgery until you have completed at least nine months of psychiatric evaluation. In addition, a letter is required from your primary physician outlining the history and duration of your hormone therapy. Prior to surgery, we require hormonal therapy for at least one year.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Schechter will review your medical history and coordinate clinically indicated lab work. At the time of your evaluation, you will be interviewed, undergo a history and physical examination, sign consent forms, have your photographs taken, and receive instructions. Transmasculine gender confirmation surgery will not be performed for anyone who has herpes or any other active venereal disease.

Insurance coverage

Please call the office at 847-967-5122 to see if your insurance plan covers your procedure. An increasing number of insurance plans are offering coverage for gender confirmation surgery. Our office will assist in inquiring as to whether your plan will cover the surgery, as well as submitting the relevant paperwork to your insurance company. You may still be responsible for fees such as deductibles, co-insurance, and portions of the surgical procedure not covered by insurance. Our office will review this with information with you. We also have options for those that are not covered.