Body Contouring

Mini-Abdominoplasty (Mini Tummy Tuck)

For those striving for a firm and flat abdomen, tightening loose or sagging skin in the stomach area often presents a difficult challenge. Even fit, healthy, and slender individuals can experience trouble in this area due to causes such as pregnancy, heredity, and weight fluctuations. A mini abdominoplasty, or mini tummy tuck, improves the appearance of the abdominal area by removing this troublesome excess skin and fat.

A mini-abdominoplasty is a long-lasting solution to the problems of extra skin and bulging of the lower abdominal (tummy) area. In this procedure, a small incision, similar to that of a C-section, is used to remove the extra skin and fat as well as tighten the lower abdominal muscle. This procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. Recovery time is typically less than the full abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Together, you and your surgeon will decide whether the full abdominoplasty or mini-abdominoplasty procedure is right for you.