Direct to Implant Reconstruction

Following a mastectomy to treat or reduce the risk of breast cancer, many women choose to reconstruct their breasts with implants. After the mastectomy, most patients seeking breast reconstruction using implants require a tissue expander. In these cases, temporary breast tissue expander implants are used to stretch the skin and muscle in preparation for full, permanent implants. Single-stage direct-to-implant (DTI) breast reconstruction is the ideal choice for patients that do not require this intermediary step. In select patients, permanent breast implants may be placed at the time of mastectomy and the reconstructive process can be completed in one operative setting.

Direct-to-implant breast reconstruction requires only one surgery, has a low complication rate, and reduces physical discomfort. Instead of waiting up to six months for the expander implants to stretch the skin and muscle before receiving permanent implants, patients awake from the mastectomy to see immediate results: fully reconstructed breasts. Ideal candidates for this technique are patients with small to moderate-sized breasts with minimal ptosis (drooping) of the breast tissue.

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