Transmasculine Procedures

Bowel Prep for Surgery

All bowel prep ingredients are found over the counter:

magnesium citrate (10 oz.)

miralax 238 grams

can of 7 up (or diet 7 up)

gatorade (propel fitness water if diabetic)

On the day before your scheduled surgery, you must have a clear liquid diet for the entire day. Please avoid all red dye colored products. Clear liquids include apple juice, soda, jell-o, chicken broth and tea.

At 11am drink a full bottle of magnesium citrate mixed equally with 7 up or diet 7 up. Please drink this within 15 minutes, and continue with a clear liquid diet for lunch.

At 3 pm mix miralax 238 grams with gatorade (or propel) 64oz and drink this within 2 hours.

For dinner, continue on a clear liquid diet. Please do not drink any liquids containing red dye.

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight.